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Meet the Mentors

Meet the Mentors

Meet The Speakers

September 7th

October 5th

Stephanie Frias is a Community Outreach and Student Recruitment Manager for Brilla Public Charter Schools in the South Bronx. Her professional experience includes program coordinator for a business school in New York City, teacher trainer in South Korea (for over 150 teachers), operations coordinator in the beauty industry in New York City, and as an educator at a nonprofit organization in the South Bronx. Intuitive and creative, Stephanie loves to coordinate, invent, and put entrepreneurial ideas to work.

Who am I?
Understanding Our Character
(8th grade)

Stephanie Frias


Therese Chin-Lee is a supervisor at the Westin Copley Boston. Before taking on her current management role at a 4-star hotel in downtown Boston, Therese worked in hospitality and management in Chicago and Trinidad. Therese brings a wealth of experiences and insights from her work as well as her current studies in the MS in Leadership and Administration program at Boston College.

Leadership Styles
(9th/10th grade)

Therese Chin-Lee

Mary Brennan.jpg

Mary Brennan is the head of the Customer Engagement team at AdjusterPro, a company that licenses insurance adjusters across the country. She has extensive experience as a freelance proofreader, editor, and writer. Mary lives with her husband David and the youngest of their six children in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Why Work?
(8th grade)

Mary Brennan

Christine Marete is a Software Engineer currently working in Prudential Financial Services. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya and spent a large part of her early years in Maryland. She received her Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering in 2016 from the University of Maryland College Park. She worked at CFRA Research as a Software Engineer located in the financial district of New York for two and a half years and recently transitioned to Prudential. She enjoys speaking to young women regarding career and personal development. She currently resides in New York City.

Freedom 'for' versus
freedom 'from'
(9th/10th grade)

Christine Marete