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Monthly Workshop

2–5 p.m. on the 1st Saturday from October to March and May

2–5 p.m. on the 2nd Saturday in September and April due to Labor Day and Easter.

Top professionals from the medical, legal, educational, business, and scientific fields lead sessions tackling key leadership principles.

Participants reflect on their own growth in light of the monthly topic; guided journaling prompts reflection and prepares for break-out sessions.

Mentors facilitate interactive break-out sessions. In these sessions, participants work in small teams, learning from each other, and discovering practical consequences applicable to their own studies and growth.

Participants develop professional etiquette and conversation skills during break with an opportunity to learn about and sample culturally varied cuisines.

Integrating and Applying Knowledge

January Service Day


May Ideas Fair

In January, Beacon offers an informal service experience for program participants.

At the May Idea Fair, younger teams present their proposals, developed over the course of the program, to improve the world around them. Juniors and seniors present their completed projects.  A panel of judges drawn from various professions will offer constructive feedback and encouragement


Once Monthly

Every participant is paired with a mentor. Mentors include professionals and college students trained by Beacon Leadership to guide high school students.


In monthly mentoring sessions that follow the Beacon Mentoring Curriculum, mentors meet with participants during the monthly workshop, assisting them to set realistic goals, honestly assess their progress, and recalibrate.

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